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Discozma is an Austrian electronic duo consisting of Alois Huber (Electronics, Sounds, Sonic Spirits) and Didi Neidhart (Beats, Sounds, Sonic Effects) with a deep passion for disco, house, dub and space. But most of all they love to transform those styles into something else (together with the mixing desk wizard FALM). Disco is just their launch pad to explore further regions. On the other hand we have Ozma, or as they say, Princess Ozma, the rightful ruler of Oz, the land over the rainbow whose name gave inspiration to the legendary "Ozma Project" a pioneering 1960s SETI experiment to explore alien life forms. But their 4-Track-12" is not only about outta space. 

"Uppsala Jaguar" comes as a modern re-enactment of a drunken Michel Foucault speeding up his car (a jaguar) in 1955 thru the city of Uppsala/Sweden. "Lavender Island (Disco Montez)" is an incredibly strange sonic trip to an enchanted island with exotic life forms, dedicated to Princess Ozma, Jack Smith, Mario Montez and Thee Deep Ones. More party goes on on "Under Green Wigs" where kinky rhythm machines in drag go wild at a fancy ball at the house of Jacques Lacan who wears one of his favourite green wigs. And on "Space Jaguar (FALM Remix)" we'll meet again with Foucault. But this time (with vocals & lyrics contributed by the famous Austrian painter Elke Silvia Krystufek) our Uppsala Jaguar is heading outta space after tripping on LSD at the Death Valley in 1975. So if you want philosophy you can dance to - DISCOZMA is the right choice for you!

ALOIS HUBER, a multiplex workaholic in various parallel genres as an organizer, producer, social engineer. Together with Franz Pomassl he established the legendary Austrian electronic label Laton ( in 1990. Once called "the Austrian Aphex Twin" by the British press he is one of the Grand-Masters of deep minimal ambient electronica. He released six full-length solo albums and did a handful of compilation contributions over the last decade on labels such as React, K7!, Craft, Rough Trade and Subetage.

DIDI NEIDHART is well known for his writings on music for magazines like skug or testcard. Together with Hans Platzgumer he wrote the much acclaimed book "Musik=Müll" (2012). In 2014 he released his first solo-book "Fissionen" (Der Konterfei). Especially in Munich he may be well known for his lectures on pop-culture at the Favorit Bar. As a musician he was a member of the famous "Munich Rumble"-band dis*ka. Together with Peter Arun Pfaff he founded the Jahmoni Music-act Eshna_TRON, which released the single "Eshna_TRON meets BELP in Dub" in 2014.

ELKE SILVIA KRYSTUFEK is a top visual artist and also a writer and singer for various music projects like "Bring your own Walkman" (Art Critics Orchestra) and the late Kim Fowley (unpublished) made a new text collage for DISCOZMA for "Space Jaguar". With her renowned image collage style she designed a series of special covers available through and

FALM (FON), Artist, Producer and Sound Engineer of various Productions over the years, like Philipp Quehenberger, Raymond Pettibon, FON, …

Alois Huber & Didi Neidhart
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